New Student Advising Centre

On November 15th, NAIT opened up its new Student Advising Centre.

The new Student Advising Centre is located in the HP Centre beside Bytes (W101). The new centre is designed to support students throughout their stay here at NAIT.

“It means added support, more flexibility, minimized back and forth,” says Angela Briggs, NAIT’s Student Engagement Facilitator.

“The idea is that we can service a student a lot farther than most other areas and so, what it means for students is that there is less ‘go-around,’ the idea is a one-stop shop. It means more career support that wasn’t there before.”

“They just found he need for students, for advising in general.” says Tina Warbis from Academic Upgrading.

“Before it was pretty segregated between departments, and they wanted to create some kind of centralized location so that they can come, even if it’s from the first step where they have no idea where they even wanna start or I have a very clear idea of what program, but I need help (getting there.) It’s one-stop so they don’t have to go all across NAIT.”

“For current NAIT students, it’s a great place to go when they don’t know where else to go. The current NAIT student, sometimes they find that they need to tweak their plan a little bit, with the new academic model it’s gonna be a lot of choices for part-time pathways, maybe check out some open studies, we can help them plan all that,” says Mrs. Dayman of NAIT.

“This is a brand new thing and also for current students, we would help them with getting ready for jobs searches, so giving feedback on resumes, helping with creative strategies on job search techniques.”

Students looking for guidance on their career paths can talk to advisors at the new Student Advising Centre

David Adomako-Ansah


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